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Introducing: PortraitMode Pro

I’m excited to introduce PortraitMode Pro, a premium membership to take your street photography to new heights.

PortraitMode Pro replaces the PortraitMode membership that we had launched earlier this year and adds more value for both aspiring and seasoned photographers alike.

🎟️ Feedback Tokens

One of the standout features of PortraitMode Pro is the addition of Feedback Tokens.

Feedback Tokens – as the name suggests – will allow you to collect feedback on your street photography and get your shots in front of a wider audience. When using a Feedback Token, Curators and fellow PortraitMode Pro users will be notified and asked to leave constructive criticism on your photo.

Of course, you can also request feedback on photos posted earlier on the platform by right-clicking the image & selecting the respective menu item.

Using a Feedback Token signals the community that you’re open for feedback and looking to improve.

But that’s not all – Feedback Tokens can also be purchased individually, even if you’re not a PortraitMode Pro member. For more details, have a look at the Feedback Token packages.

Ensuring that the PortraitMode Pro experience is accessible to everyone, Feedback Tokens will be available in the respective apps soon, along with other improvements that we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

🎁 Wrapping up

Our goal is to build the best platform for street photography out there. We have some exciting new features in the pipeline to make PortraitMode the ultimate platform for sharing street photography.

If you have any questions or feedback about PortraitMode Pro or any other aspect of our platform, don’t hesitate to reach out. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you.

Upgrade to PortraitMode Pro today and take your street photography to the next level with feedback from the community.



  • That sounds like a great idea, David. Who do you plan to include as curators on the site? I think if people know that might get critiqued on portraitmode by photographers they admire it could be very attractive to obtain a membership.

  • Finally an adult’s insta! I find it cool and I’m very supportive for this idea, but a stronger mobile app is (unfortunately) a must have in today’s world. I uploaded a photo via mobile and it didn’t capture the EXIF, also, there’s no way to subscribe to Pro via the mobile app! Also, Pro users could have no size limitation on their uploads! I think it’s too early for advertising on YouTube via creators for now.

    Thanks for all the work!

      • Just a thought here from a fellow developer. EXIF data should be available to the app itself when loaded in, even if the upload process to your server strips this data out. So in theory it should be possible to do two uploads when posting a photo. The first upload containing just the image, and a second upload containing a json object which references user info, photo id etc, and also contains the EXIF data. That way the photo and EXIF data can be recombined on your server host application.

  • hi David and team,

    I would suggest to add the possibility (I have not found it if it exists) to communicate privatly with other portraitmode members, for exemple, someone follows me (the app notify me) and I would like to contact and thank the person. Also, a log of all the private communications I’ve had in the past would be nice.

    thanks and keep up the good work. cheers from Montreal.

  • I’ve noticed some of my photos are desaturated when posted and others are not. Not sure why that is. Is there a way to edit them or repost without losing likes and comments? Also if there would be a way to edit categories that would be great. Love the app.

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