Submission guidelines


All photos must be related to street photography.

Size & Quality

We maintain a high quality at PortraitMode. Make sure your image is at least 2000px in either width or height before submitting a photo. The max upload size is 12mb. The max. image dimensions are 6500px in either width or height.


Do not add visual effects to your images or “over-edit” your photos. We try to maintain a natural look on PortraitMode. Avoid adding watermarks, text, logos, etc. to your images. Text that is added by your camera, such as dates, is fine.

Upload the original image without adding any frames or borders. Only upload individual photos. Montages or collages are not allowed.

Photographer & Permissions

You must be the original photographer of the image. We can only publish photos that were submitted under your real name.

Avoid entering company/brand names or other aliases in the name fields on the submit form.

Nudity or Violence

PortraitMode is a place for all ages. Do not upload photos showing violence or graphic content. Photos cannot contain nudity.