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Submission guidelines


All submitted photos should relate to the theme of street photography. For a better understanding, please refer to this article.

Street photography typically involves capturing candid moments of people and daily life in public places. Defining all aspects of street photography can be tricky (but we tried). An easier approach is to identify what is not considered street photography. Here are a few examples.

What is not considered street photography?

  • Photos without human presence or indication of (recent) human activity
  • Close-ups of flora and fauna or macro shots of inanimate objects
  • Staged photos of all kind
  • Concert photos
  • Photos of cars, bikes, animals, people, and objects outside the context of street photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Landscape photography


Categories are a useful tool for organizing and searching for photos on PortraitMode. By assigning categories, you help make photos more discoverable and accessible to other users.

When submitting a photo to PortraitMode, please make sure to choose the appropriate category or categories for your photo. You can select up to 10 categories per photo.

If you’re not sure which category to choose, it’s better to skip the category selection process altogether.

Please note that misusing categories is not allowed and may result in your photo being removed from the platform. If you submit a photo to multiple categories that are not relevant to the content of the photo, it may be flagged for review.

To ensure that PortraitMode remains a valuable resource for photographers and enthusiasts alike, please use categories responsibly and accurately.

Size & quality

Before submitting a photo, please ensure that its dimensions are at least 1200px in width or height. The file size should not exceed 24mb. The maximum image dimensions allowed are 6500px in either width or height.

All photos posted on PortraitMode undergo lossless compression and are reduced to a maximum of 2200px in width or height. The original image will not be stored.

Editing, watermarks & borders

PortraitMode strives to showcase the natural beauty of our photos. Do not add visual effects or over-edit your photos. Avoid adding watermarks, text, logos, etc. to your photos except for text generated by the camera such as dates.

Cut off film-strip borders. Do not add frames or borders to your images.

Only upload individual photos. Montages or collages are not allowed.

Photographer & permissions

It is mandatory that you are the original photographer of the image you submit. Photos must be published under your real name.

Avoid entering company, brand & artist names or other aliases in the name fields on your profile.

Nudity or violence

PortraitMode is a place for all ages. Do not upload photos showing violence or graphic content. Photos cannot contain nudity.