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New! Categorize your photos

Hey everyone, I’m happy to let you know that we have just released a new update to the PortraitMode platform. 🏷️ Meet categories With this release we bring more structure to the PortraitMode platform & increase the discoverability for your photos. Unlike tags, categories are predefined. This is a good…

This week at PortraitMode

Hey everyone, David here with PortraitMode. I just wanted to put together a quick blog post to highlight what we have done this week at PortraitMode. We have pushed 2 updates to the platform this week, one focusing on addressing a performance issue that we have identified earlier this week…

Help us spread the word

Hey , As you might know, PortraitMode is a fairly new platform. That means, we need your support! If you enjoy publishing on PortraitMode here are a few ways for you to help promoting the platform. 📣 Marketing material Here is some marketing material for you. Down below is a download…

No EXIF-data? No problem

🎞️ Shooting film? If you are shooting film, you’ll love this new feature! As you might have noticed, we automatically fetch & display exif-data such as camera model & focal length below all photos. Of course, this will not work for photos shot on film. Therefore, if no camera or…

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