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Street photography of the month: September, 2023

Results are in!

As per the choices of our wonderful community (in the form of likes), we’re excited to share with you the photo of the month for September 2023, alongside the top 10 most-liked photos this month.

🏆 Photo of the month

Sam Jage Photo by Sam Jage (@samjage) - Orcas Island, Washington, USA

Sam nailed it with this one. The composition is just perfect, with the ship right at the heart of the frame, beautifully complemented by the figures on both sides of the photo. The colors are fantastic, and the interplay of light and shadows adds that extra touch to the photograph.

🏅 Top 10 photos in September

Wrapping up

Clearly, this month, the community had a soft spot for black and white photos. Overall, it’s safe to say that minimalism was the community’s top pick when we take a look at the top 10 photos of September.

📸 Happy shooting!


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