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We are developing an algorithm

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. But hear me out.

PortraitMode has always prided itself on being a platform that does not rely on algorithms. However, with the vast amount of submissions, it has become increasingly difficult to curate content that truly embodies the essence of street photography. To address this challenge, we are proud to announce the development of an algorithm that will enhance the user experience for all users on the platform.

With the recent update to our submission guidelines, we tried to expand on what is considered street photography and what isn’t. In addition to that, we’ve put together a blog post trying to define street photography.

Of course, street photography is highly subjective. Everyone may have their own unique understanding of what it entails. This diversity of perspectives is what makes street photography so rich and dynamic. However, it also presents a challenge when it comes to curating content on our platform. That’s why we believe in giving users control over their personal feed and enabling them to create a tailored experience.

🤔 The challenge

The challenge we face is the inconsistency in the quality of photos submitted to the platform. While some photos perfectly capture the essence of street photography, others may not align with the genre at all or are considered edge-cases.

As a result, our current approach of displaying all photos in chronological order to all users is far from ideal. This not only affects the overall experience for our users, but also detracts from the quality and integrity of the platform.

💡 The solution

The solution to this challenge is the algorithm we are building for the platform. The algorithm will prioritize photos from users you follow and provide users with greater control over their personal feed. This means that users will be able to see more of the content they are interested in and less of the content that doesn’t fit their personal preferences.

The algorithm will be integrated into the platform, and its impact will be immediately noticeable. Though, we don’t have a timeframe yet for when it will arrive. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and seamless experience for our users while still ensuring that the content on the platform embodies the spirit of street photography.

We understand that this change may come as a surprise to some of our users, but we are confident that the new algorithm will bring a new level of customization and enjoyment to the platform. Stay tuned for more.



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