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Introducing: The PortraitMode membership

We’re excited to let you know that we have just launched the PortraitMode membership. A paid, subscription-based plan with exclusive features + a way for you to support the project.

In this post I will go over everything that’s included & why we have made the decision to launch a paid membership option for PortraitMode.

πŸ€” Why are we launching a paid membership?

Wasn’t PortraitMode meant to be free forever? Yes – PortraitMode is free and will be free forever. The PortraitMode membership is 100% optional and is an additional way for you to support the project.

Instead of asking for donations, we asked ourselves the question, how can we give back to supporters of the platform?

That’s why we’ve decided to launch a paid membership option for those that want to provide monetary support and help us speed up development and exposure to the street photography community.

πŸ“¦What’s included?

Let’s have a look at what’s currently included in the PortraitMode membership. I say currently as we are planning to add more features to the offering in the future, especially as we gain feedback from our members. Let’s have a look.

πŸ•‘ Early access

Membership users are directly involved in shaping the future of the PortraitMode platform and have early access to exclusive, new features before they are available to the public. This will allow you to get your hands on new features first & allow us to collect feedback and make necessary changes before a new feature goes live.

πŸ‘₯ Discord channel

As you know, PortraitMode is a community project. The Discord channel will allow you to directly communicate with us and other members of the community. Share your feedback and throw in your ideas while chatting with the developers of the platform.

We are always looking for ways to improve PortraitMode and the Discord channel will allow us to work together more closely with members of our community.

βœ… Membership badge

Getting verified on Twitter or Instagram isn’t easy. We’re taking a different approach at PortraitMode. Supporters of the project will get an exclusive membership badge, displayed right next to their name. This shows that you are a backer of the PortraitMode platform.

πŸ” Where does my money go?

The PortraitMode membership is to help fund the project and support us as we continue to grow the community and platform. 100% of the revenue will be reinvested into the PortraitMode platform to reach more people, just like you. More specifically, we plan to cover the costs for sponsorships & collaborations with other street photographers & YouTubers, which in turn, will help us gain more exposure.

πŸ’Έ Pricing

The PortraitMode membership is available in 2 plans – the supporter & superbacker plan.

You can get your membership for as low as $49/year. For those that are feeling extra generous, there is the superbacker plan which comes in at $89/year.

Thank you, on behalf of the PortraitMode team, for supporting our vision and being part of this amazing community!


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