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This week at PortraitMode

Hey everyone,

David here with PortraitMode. I just wanted to put together a quick blog post to highlight what we have done this week at PortraitMode.

We have pushed 2 updates to the platform this week, one focusing on addressing a performance issue that we have identified earlier this week and another one to bring you some quality-of-life improvements & features.

🚀 Performance improvements

Earlier this week, we identified a performance issue which kept us busy almost the entire week. We have refactored major parts of the underlying code to make fetching database requests more efficient.

This did not only fix the performance issue, but it also resulted in a major performance boost across all pages on the platform. This was an important step to make sure the platform remains scalable as more people are joining and submitting photos.

🖼️ Archive your photos

You can now archive photos on PortraitMode. This feature doesn’t need much explanation; archiving photos will allow you to temporarily (or permanently) remove photos from your profile & the explore page. Of course, you can bring back your archived photos at any time from the dedicated section in your account area.

While this is the most noticable change of this weeks updates, we have actually made a lot of small changes to various areas of the site to improve the overall user experience.

👏 Wrapping up

And that’s it! We have something very cool coming up that I’m personally really excited about.

It is something that will allow us to engage more closely with members of the community to collect feedback & toss around ideas that we have for the platform. It’s been great to see the platform grow & hear everyone’s feedback on how we can improve PortraitMode.

Thank you for publishing on PortraitMode.

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